A Àguia e o homem .

A Àguia e o homem .
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sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015

Who said men do not cry? by Gilberto Braga

Who said men do not cry?
Gilberto Braga;
Sometimes we pay the tough,
sometimes we find ourselves supermen ..
and others, are insensíves and cold,
but who said that man does not cry?
We cried when we need a hug ..
when we need a shoulder,
someone say, count on me!
someone who speaks: I'm here by your side ...
but most of the time we do not see, nothing and no one.
When we most need a friend ..
when most desire, a heart, a shelter ...
when more we ask someone to give us a hand ...
cross the street alone, insecure life ...
in trouble ...
Who said men do not cry?
when he loses his mother, his girlfriend, the bride or esposa..amigos,
that mistreat, neglect and often betrayed ...
but only when we lose we value; ..
one that makes our food ...
that takes care of our children ...
that tidying the house and washing and ironing our clothes ..
it often seems our housekeeper ..
But when we lose, we can only mourn the lack of wisdom ....
that one day, we swear respect caring, loving and protecting.
Sometimes we think that we had friends,
only one, only that it was true friend indeed
life showed no!
So cry, because when we had real love,
abandoned and did not give due weight!
Who said men do not cry?
Sometimes what we need most is someone beside us, to accept and help us ..
together and working, new dreams win ..
but sometimes it's not always what happens,
it seems we always need to have a car, home, and money,
so that the hand can become our ..
I need a scarf, or better .... sheet to dry those tears!
Gilberto Braga text:
Who said men do not cry?
March 2015

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