A Àguia e o homem .

A Àguia e o homem .
Gilberto Braga ,espirito livre como uma " Àguia"!

sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

Talking with the soul and heart. (Gilberto Braga)

Talking with the soul and heart.
(Gilberto Braga)
Sometimes catch myself talking alone.
Looks like someone 's invisible listening to me...
Talk to the walls, the furniture of the room.
In the room of the first floor...
And believe me, talk to me!
I talk to someone imagination...
Nameless, faceless, if I have a vision.
Talk in the living room, bedroom, and even in the bathroom.
I talk to my own soul, maybe,
Talking things out of my heart.
Sometimes I look like a freak.
Caught me smiling alone, caught me crying...
Get hurt...
Muttering...Xingando I don 't know who, and I don' t know what?
Doing piáda of my loneliness.
And so we went,
Quiet or talking...
Awake or dreaming...
But with the eternal hope that one day appear someone to listen to us again.
The text of Gilberto Braga.
Minister Gilberto Braga

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