A Àguia e o homem .

A Àguia e o homem .
Gilberto Braga ,espirito livre como uma " Àguia"!

quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

On the walk to be happy!

On the walk to be happy!

We spent much of our existence,
chasing happiness, we often feel "unhappy".
coinscidência sad ...
Throughout our lives, prucuramos find love, but often are "unloved ... and suffer the lovelessness,
Sometimes we dream beautiful dreams, but we also have nightmares,
sought and not found, we need to find
wanting to smile, sometimes wanting to cry ...
Live, but it looks like we're dying,
because in the midst of many people,
the crowd, feel loneliness!
But when we desire and strive,
are near or far, we can see the face,
happiness and the strength of those who fight always ...
but also won the victories and defeats,
because to be happy, to love and be loved ...
worth resist and insist, never give up and fight ...
embrace and separate, kiss and caress
but always desired and be ready,
on the walk to be happy!
Author: Gilberto Braga.
Ceremonial and celebrant of marriages.

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